Choosing a Teaching School

Posted in: General Education

As an aspiring teacher, you have many options when it comes to finding a program of study.

When choosing a teaching program, you should look at the school’s curriculum to see how relevant and up-to-date it is. Programs should thoroughly cover modern technology and prepare you to teach in highly culturally-diverse classrooms.

Faculty members should be connected to the local education community and spend time in classrooms. And area teachers should be available to you to serve as mentors.

Interested in specializing in a subject? Make sure your program’s curriculum meets standards established by that particular subject’s national board, such as the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics.

And look to the future. Schools you consider should have high job placement rates, as well as a high percentage of students passing the licensing exam.

Finally, check with the state you want to teach in and be sure your chosen program will meet standards necessary for licensure. The National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse offers this list of links to state boards of education.

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